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  • Third Class Apr 15 ' 09
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    They¬† weren’t really feral children. Born and raised in the backwoods, yes (East Palestine, Ohio), but not by wild animals. They just say that so you’ll be more impressed with their musical development, and won’t think their stuff is so weird, all things considered.

    The part about the nuitar, the two-string electric guitar they play is closer to the truth. Not that they couldn’t replace the broken strings, but that they chose not to. “It has sort of an empty sound that we like, it’s part of our style,” explains Lee Boyle, who plays it and does most of the singing.

    His brother Jack, who switches back and forth with Pepe Parish on bass and drums, contributes to the disingenuity by insisting, “We’re not really musicians,” so you’ll be pleasantly surprised when they start playing, and find they clearly are.

    They are also accomplished and published poets — the Boyles are recent English grads — confident enough to offer this poetic parody: “All I need is you, or else I’ll be blue; I’ll stick to you like glue.”

    The only simple definition of the Third Class style is diverse. One song has quiet, close vocal harmonies accompanied only by a plunking bass and tapping tambourine; another is raucous rock.

    “Flight of Owls,” consists of 16 very fast measures — with minor tonal variations — of, “Owls are in the air tonight, Hey!” It’s a lot of fun.

    They started playing together in 1999; adopted The Zou’s definition of Nouveau Rock; toured in support of their first CD; and released their second, The Red Wheelbarrow, in February.

    Their name reflects their personalities — no braggadocio here — but Third Class has high-minded values, to “bring art and life closer together with new ways of perceiving the real.” And that’s the truth.

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